Monday, October 13, 2008

Red Velvet Cake

After eating this cake, I am in love with the Red Velvet Cake. I was completely against using food coloring, but I made an exception for this cake. The cake turned out well moist, with a hint of cocoa. Every bite left me with wanting more of it. The cream cheese icing definitely makes this cake complete with it's perfect taste. It is worth all the effort put into it. Great cake from a great recipe that I plan to reuse when I make my next red velvet goodness.

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Toots said...

Hi, I know this was posted some time ago, What is your elevation, and do you remember making adjustments for the high altitude, and if so what was it? So new to baking in high altitudes that everytime I try something it come out either too dense or alittle undone?!?! I am currently at 5200ft and have also tried at 7600ft. Thanks :-)