Thursday, October 9, 2008


We ended the first Breads module with making Brioche. We even got tested on knowing how to make them. In the Laminated Doughs module, we revisit them. The Brioche s pictured on the left is in its most classically recognized form - a tete. Due to it's high butter and fat content from eggs, it can be considered a pastry item. Keeping the a tetes intact is a challenge and have to use the right shaping technique before putting them into the oven. This is the best of the Brioches I have created so far and can't wait to gobble 'em up tomorrow with my freshly made aji sauce. Also, every time I have made this bread, I have wanted to set aside some of it to make it into a bread-pudding with Creme Anglaise. One of these days, I will get there.

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