Sunday, September 28, 2008

Petit Fours

Petit fours are small cakes and cookies served as part of a large buffet. Petit four is a french terms which translates to small oven. Yesterday, I finished my 'Basic Patisserie techniques' class. The petit fours pictured on the left were part of the sweet table setting. In the picture, from top to bottom, include: 1) Linzer Cookies with raspberry filling, 2) Florentines, 3) Batons Marechaux, 4) Petit Four Glace.
Linzer cookies, which I have written before here. It baked for slightly longer and therefore, more browned than necessary. The Florentines turned out well. The chocolate coating gave it a nice touch. The Batons Marechaux were also not bad. Despite the impression of it being curchy, it is more on the chewy side. It's topped with sliced almonds and the bottoms are coated with bitter-sweet chocolate. The Petit Four Glace could use more practice and work. They were also my least favorite to make, due to the tempremental nature of the poured fondant and the fact that the spongey cakes wouldn't stand still.

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