Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Linzer Cookies II

We are in finals week and have to make and present Linzer Cookies as part of our Petit Four Platter. When we made these in class we had to present only 6 of these and had most of the dough left over which I brought home and froze it. I brought out the dough from the freezer today to whip up the traditional version of these cookies.
When I made these in class, the cookie cutter was too small and according to the Chef it came out too thick. I found the cookie cutter's at Jane's Cakes and according to them it is the best ones they've found for cutting Linzer cookies. So I rolled out the dough, and froze it. Took it out in half hour or so and then cut into the shapes and then froze it again so that 'the fats don't melt before your proteins coagulate'. So this style does take a tad bit longer, but it's worth it. I used the raspberry jam again as the filling and topped with confectioner's sugar.
The recipe I found at Joy of Baking is very close to the one we used in class, minus the lemon zest. I think it's a great cookie and even though you have the option of using an almond or hazelnut meal, I'd definitely go with the Hazelnut!

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