Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Definitely Delicious Candy

It's become my nightly ritual to checkout various food blogs and scope out recipes to try. Well..last night as I stumbled up this recipe as I was reading this article inBon Appetit magazine. I have to be honest, this wasn't one of those recipes where I laid my eyes on the picture and felt the definite urge to make the recipe. As I continued reading the article, my interest grew..out of curiosity, and I swear it always starts this way, I checked out the recipe for this and I saw that aside from the pecans, I had all the ingredients. Then I proceeded to look at the method to make this recipe and I saw that aside from toasting the pecans, there was no baking-in-the-oven involved. I thought it was doable. The heading description for this recipe describes this candy as "a cross between praline and fudge"...that definitely added to the allure of this. But what sold me on this was reading this post on the columnist Molly Wizenberg's Orangette blog.

A few years back, my co-worker had given me a tin packed with fudge for holidays and to this day, it has been a memorable gift. This recipe definitely brought back that memory and the idea of reciprocating her this year with a similar gift but different homemade candy sounded further exciting. Then I thought of a few other people with whom I can share this with during holidays. So at that point it was a done deal. I had to make this recipe.

I didn't know I would be making this recipe this quickly. But I did...and I am absolutely pleased with the results. This candy brings back the memories with the flavors such as - butter pecan and pecan praline.

Just one note on the recipe - I found that it's best to buy whole Pecans and toast it yourself. I toasted it for 10-12 mins at 350F. Cooled them and just broke the whole pecans into semi medium pieces. You have the link to the recipe and hope you try it as well. It's easy to make and it's taste is definitely sweet and addicting.


michaela said...

i saw this in bon appetit as well and it didn't really interest me either, but with your recommendation i may have to try it.

i haven't been blogging very long either, but i think its fun to take pictures and get inspired by other people.

last night i made danish butter cookies from the december gourmet. very tasty!

i think your desserts look beautiful. most impressive.

Yalini said...

passed this along to the madre :)