Friday, December 5, 2008

Black Forest Cake

This blog is going to turn into a lovely cakes galore in the next few weeks as we bake some classic cakes. The black forest cake officially inaugurated this module. Based on what I have observed, a lot of people, including myself are not much into cherries in the cake. Even I didn't want to have anything to do with this cake when I saw another student a few months back, bring in this cake. However, now that I have made this cake myself and seen what goes into it, I have a much better appreciation for the cake. The 3 main components of this cakes are, the devil's food cake, the kirsch flavored chantilly cream and cherries. I need to get better at slicing the cake. Based on the above'd think there are only 2 slices, however, the cake is actually cut into 3 slices and luckily, I was able to better capture that in the picture below:

This picture is of the cake as it came out of the freezer and I took those slices to work and everyone enjoyed it very much. I, despite, being the 'cherry hater in the cakes' think it's a pretty impressive cake and worth the effort. I'll definitely be making sure that I'll give a slice of it to everyone that is a sweet lover like me.

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Yalini said...

absolutely delicious...i'm chewing on a piece as i type this :)