Monday, November 3, 2008

Creme Brulee with Pot de Creme

I started my fifth module which is on International Patisserie, Custards, Fillings and Creams. The class started out with us making the Creme Brulee, Pot de Creme au chocolat and Creme Caramel. On the right is the picture of creme brulee and pot de creme right out of the oven. The creme caramel was still baking in the oven while I took this picture. They were cooling on the rack to be reached to room tempreture, and then they went into the fridge to be chilled and allow the custard time to set overnight. We torched the Brulee the next day. This was my second time making creme brulee and it still remains one of my favorite custards. It was my first time tasting the pot de creme au chocolate and they did not cease to please me. Its a nice rich creamy chocolate flavor with a hint of coffee flavor that was infused while making them.

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